Quitsakiki Designs is a design-fabrication firm with deep specialization in silversmith methods and other metalworking techniques leveraging a wide range of materials and tools.

Originality is at the heart of our inspiration and purpose.

Capability and Methods

Quitsakiki Designs now our 18th year, is a design-fabrication firm with the capability to create and deliver innovative products utilizing strong design and artistic competencies, and has established a portfolio of differentiable skills, knowledge, experience, fabrication practices, and business processes.

Creative Journeys

Forage & Research for new ideas, inspiration, elements, textures, components, concepts, and ingredients often found through immersive nature-inspired ideation. Deep observation and gathering feeds perceptions fueling new concepts-organized or abstracted perceptions-as the start of seeing ahead, envisioning the future.

Exploration and Experimentation are essential. An extended incubation period of dwelling in uncertainty and questioning, not burdened by experience ingrained by time and prior knowledge, seeking the broadest possible range of understanding that patterns and new insights can illuminate.

Combine, associate, integrate, compose, and make connections to discover something that does not yet exist; what is created is never an endpoint, simply a library element in a continuous process. Small fragments assemble seemingly at will as the mind sees meaningful connections and frames new ideas; these may fail or later combine again on the path to something unexpected. Purposeful iteration on a path towards and oscillation around a converging solution.

Transfer skills from one domain to new materials, for example traditional knitting adapted for sliver wire, leading to many new forms including earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Design finished jewelry pieces building on a wide range of materials, methods, and combinations to create entirely new items. A rich surfacing of all facets of seasons, social settings, materials, colors, shapes, and sizes are subsequently realized as a new artisan craft. Imagination pushes the process forward to see both inventive options and imagery enabling a final physical design to emerge.